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Stefan Abrahams

Having a tough old time getting Illustrator to work. Again.

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Art + Science Barbershop Identity by Firebelly Design

The Barbershop – Brand Identity. Back to the basics was the device for the launch of Art + Science’s new barbershop. Creative studio Firebelly Design was commissioned to create a visual identity that reflects this motto. The vintage inspired brand identity of The Barbershop conveys the spirit of the 50s and 60s.

Source: We and The Color


Undressed Salad Dressing

"Los Angeles based design studio The Deep End was recently called on by a Northern California salad dressing startup. They call their product “undressed,” and it was their name that served as the initial spark for The Deep End’s creative team. Playing off of the undressed theme, The Deep End decided to opt for a less-is-more approach.

The fact that their three startup flavors (Honey-Ginger, Cilantro-Lime and Raspberry-Almond) have such unique and bold natural colors only helped sell the idea. While most salad dressings hide their product behind a more traditional opaque label, The Deep End played around with a more transparent treatment, with white underpainting only in certain areas where opaqueness was necessary. The result is a line of bottles that lets the product itself shine.”

Designed By: The Deep End, USA

Source: The Dieline


How graphic design helps us navigate our buildings

If it weren’t for graphic design, you’d have a lot more trouble finding the restroom. Office buildings, museums and libraries would also become virtually impossible to navigate. And garages? Don’t even bother trying to remember where you parked.

Though we often take it for granted, wayfinding design – the environmental design practice involving the creation of signs and directories to help us figure out where we are and where we want to go in structures – is a key function of graphic design in everyday urban life.

Not long ago we became fascinated by the debates surrounding subway map design, and now wayfinding design has captivated us as well. Check out these thirty examples of awesome and unusual wayfinding signage, and think of how lost you’d be without it.

Source: 99designs


Absolut Vodka Revamps Flavor Range

The new Absolut range is just amazing, Love the vibrancy of the colours across all of the flavours.

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By Karl Hebert.


Nika Bottles

"Nika Water is social cause-driven, eco-responsible, premium bottled water, currently sold in thousands of nationwide retailers. This includes major natural food stores, in addition to cafes, coffee shops, delis, nightclubs, hotels, schools, fitness and beauty locations and more.

Products like Nika’s are not only able to raise money for a cause through sales, but also simultaneously spread awareness to consumers in the process. As a young and exciting brand, Nika is using inventive marketing, partnerships, and the use of social media and community to shed light on major issues facing the world today.

Nika Water donates 100% of our profits to clean water, education and sanitation projects in developing countries to help end poverty. Through the NGOs that we work with, we have already committed over $400,000 to water wells, water catchment systems, plumbing, schools, and trees in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Nicaragua.”

"Nika Water is also one of the most environmentally friendly bottled waters on the market. Through reforestation, we offset our carbon footprint fully, leaving no lasting negative impression on our planet. For every 4 cases of Nika sold, a tree is planted that takes in the same amount of CO2 that the production and lifespan of those 4 cases created.

Nika also works with schools and waste management in the US, with a goal that for every bottle of Nika sold, a like bottle is recycled in that Nika’s place. This means that we will not be adding any new plastic into the environment without taking the same amount out first, 1-for-1. Finally, our bottles will be made from RPET. This is a plastic that is recyclable like regular bottles, but is made from ALL post-consumer bottles. Lateral recycling means that they are bottles made from bottles.”

Product of Nika Water
Portraits by  Stephen Bennett

Source: The Dieline


Last Thursday night I was lucky enough to see the brilliant typographer & lettering artist Seb Lester give a talk at the Museum of Brands in West London.

Above is the rather lovely print I received at the event, designed by Seb himself and printed by Brighton based screen-print studio A New Star in the Sky. It’s a silvery black ink on white paper, the photos really don’t do it justice unfortunately. 

The talk was fantastic, expect to see a write up about it for my blog at work soon! After the talk I had the pleasure of meeting Seb, who is a very nice guy and grew up a few streets away from me! You can follow Seb Lester on tumblr here;

The lecture was organised by Playdesk, which is well worth checking out if you fancy coming to some design lectures in London and for a drink or two after (here is me looking confused).

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One week today and I’ll be starting work experience!

Honing / brushing up on my drawing skills today, so it’s back to the sketchbook and sketch pencils. With a bit of Deftones, Paramore and the occasional Blink 182 thrown in for company, along with whatever else my iTunes decides to please me with. Happy Friday!

Unbelievably excited that in 3 weeks time, I’ll be learning and designing within a real studio among professionals. Simply can’t wait!


Schinko Mailing

by Mooi Design

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